The Way of Master Baas

"Always in motion is the future."

The Unifying Force, the Mystics, the Jedi of Foresight

Vodo-Siosk Baas was a Krevaaki Jedi Master of unusual piety and reverence for the Force. Though a skilled warrior, Baas was a teacher and instructor to many in a variety of arts, dedicating himself to strengthening the Jedi Order from within, that it would better face potential future crises. Though it was his fallen apprentice Exar Kun that would eventually become a Dark Lord of the Sith, Master Baas's centuries of teaching helped prepare many others for fighting Kun's crusade.

Jedi looking to Master Baas's example look to the future, and work to anticipate it. They see the Jedi Code as a means to an end, in order to hear the Force's will as clearly as possible, through instincts and visions. Many feel that narrowing the interpretation of the Jedi Code and tying the Jedi to specific centres of training will shackle the Jedi Order's ability to face the changing tides of future events. The ancient philosophy of the Unifying Force is the basis for these views - to see the Force as a presence behind the galaxy, subtly guiding all, and that the Dark Side is just one more current in a river that would lead to a benevolent outcome. These Jedi work to follow that guidance above all, for only by helping the Force influence the universe can harmony eventually be realised.

In a time when all seems uncertain, including the possibility of a future, many Jedi have come to believe that only this way shows hope.