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The Seven Kingdoms are in the grip of the war for the Iron Chair, with the Lannisters,Starks, Greyjoys, Baratheons, Tyrells, Dornish, Arryans, Tullys and Targarians fighting to secure their crowns. Meanwhile, wildlings have started probing south, raiding villages, and harassing travelers south of The Wall only the Nights Watch can police them. With political intrigue, Alliances, or fire and blood there is only one winner in the game of thrones do you have what it takes?

After the death of Robert a power vacuum occurred causing all out chaos in the seven kingdoms. Each ancient house swore to reclaim the throne and declared their right to rule. Slowly gearing up, you have the unique opportunity to join us and rewrite the history of Westeros. Do you want to take on a Dynastic name such as the Lannisters or Starks? Would you prefer to become a new house and claim a name of your choice? Here you have either option to play as an existing house (you can not play a character from the lore, but can have the last name) or create one of your own. We also offer wilding raiders or honor bound protectors of the realm the Nights Watch. Regardless of your role, you must claim a faction to associate yourself with. If you’re a farmer, an inn keeper, or a black smith you still have to lay claim to a faction. If you establish a claim within the borders of a faction you automatically become part of that faction. Our server operates on a first come, first serve basis meaning that those who meet a certain criteria can lay claim as faction heads (Paramount). For each faction we will be providing their ancestral home along with two other keeps. For instance the West will have Casterly Rock along with Lannis port and Golden tooth. At launch of the server the role player who are granted a faction have the right to award the other two castles as he/she sees fit. Every Saturday 1200-1400 est and Sunday 1400-1600 est we allow judgment hours on the server. During this time war can be fought and raids can take place. If there is a rebellion within a faction or a faction wants to take the crown this is your opportunity. If you can take down a monument you can place your own during rebellion of a faction. (Example; House Glover rebels against Winterfell and is able to scale the walls and take down the monument. House Glover can now rule the faction and has the right to place their monument in Winterfell.) During a war for the crown an open rebellion can occur and we can have the war of the usurper. If the attacker can take down the current king’s monument they become ruler of the seven kingdoms. This makes politics vital in our realm so be prepared to play the Game of Thrones. For more information please check the forums on our rules, how to become Paramounts, and most important how to become King!

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