As a part of the Sokan Community, Invictus Imperium is held to the standards and run by the dedicated officer team that Sokan is known for. With almost eight years of providing character progression-rich roleplay for members of the SWTOR MMO, we have once again branched out into our fifth currently active faction.

This iteration of the Sokan Community comes with as much depth and detail as the rest. Any character within the ranks has a plethora of opportunity to get involved. Houses, Marks, Cross-House, politics, and advancing to become a leader even of their own House some day.

Out of Character roles in the community are filled by the deicated and informed to allow for the management and facilitation of the growing and churning guild that is now born within the MMO of Elder Scrolls Online.

Two mortal siblings, both with a promise, sworn to a cause, at tragic end.

But given the Gift of the Vampyr, they shall ascend.

Sigil II

With the Gift of immortality, they have assembled and grown the secret Order of Invictus. Five noble Houses sworn to a cause, at the cusp of power.

For years, the Sigil has worked in secret to establish their Order ruled Vampyrs with the single goal of uniting the nation under their Immortal Rule. With the Ruby Throne open and the nation divided, the Great Houses support the Purpose of the Sigil through their specialized means. Political factions have been created in hopes of amending the laws to better serve their Houses' ambitions under the Council of Elders, the Senate, and the High Justices.

 Now is the time to join those who will rise to the top and become the eternal and unchallenged. Our immortality will serve the world of Tamriel against the odds with your contribution. Join the lineage of Invictus.

Our goal is to create a living and breathing world that one can join and lose themselves within their characters.  

First off, number one, above all is we expect all our members to be level-headed and mature. We have been successful in our other guilds by applying a kick-first, sort-later attitude so not to disturb the good order and conduct of the guild. Second we take in all form of rpers so you must be 18+ to join the guild. Third you must at all time separate ooc from ic, and if you can't, then this will not be the place for you. 

The Officers and Junior Officers are here to make this a fantastic RP guild, and that will always be their priority.

Houses are vampire nobility that have earned the right create their own bloodline.  Each house will represent its own style of RP and progression to the guild. The lanes of rp are archetyped and limited to that House.

Magika and scholarship

Werewolf Guardian

Assassination and Sabatoge

Soldier and Swordsman

Alchemy and mending
An overseer system is in place for members who have proven themselves and are looking to ascend to be able to oversee themselves and earn the gift.  They will work one on one with a sergeant or above to earn their Marks of the Order.

Politics will play a major part in the IC direction of Invictus. Read the Edict, join a party, and vote. Once a sergeant, you can fill the roles within the Senate and the High Justice. Once a Noble, you may even fill a rotating seat on the Council of Elders.