Triarchy of Higher Justice

Current Holders: Seat One: Kyrios Ravenborn  Seat Two: <Election Pending>  Seat Three: Lilith Dread

The Triarchy of Higher Justice are representatives from the three political parties, Patricians, Plebeian, and Populares.  The three officials will campaign for one of the rotating seats staggered on a bi weekly basis.  The official can serve infinite consective terms as long as they win their respective elections.

The Triarchy is responsible for hearing out any and all charges brought against a member of the Order while they are seated. They will pass judgement based entirely on the principles set forth in the Edict of Invictus and not of their own personal views or opinions.  The three will hear out a case, convene in private quarters, then vote on an outcome.

In the special case that the issue brought before them will affect the entire Order's proceedings or is particularly controversial by their opinion, they may call for the permanent Council Elders to sit in on judgement. They will advise and possibly even cast vote for the ultimate ruling on the issue.

Amendments of the Edict proposed by the political parties will be heard by and voted on in the same compacity as judicial cases.

The rulings are permanent and cannot be overturned by the Justice of the next rotation.

By nature of the Order of Nobles, the High Justice may only be filled by the Gifted.

Charges may be brought on any member of the Order, so long as the accuser is of higher rank. No Elder may be put before the Justice without the charge of the majority of the Order of Nobles. There are no exceptions.  They will host Open Court to hear all charges brought before the members of Invictus.

If the High Justice is to betray the word of the Edict, deny or fall short of their position, or abuse their authority, they will be stripped of all title and the Council of Elders shall decide on the proceedings.

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